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Tradition long 100 years


1920s- beginnigs

From 1920 when Grandpa Sreten opened the first brush shop, the tradition was continued by grandfather Dragutin then his son Cedomir , who transferred the craft to his son and current owner Stojan. Each generation has brought something new to the art of the brush , and modern technology has been applied by Zoran, the son og todays owner. This exemplary family-owned company works continuously, building first and foremost a reputation for product quality, and then the trust of numerous consumers and business partners from across the country as well asa abroad.

From crafts and craftsmen to industry

In Serbia, brushing was nurtured and kept as part of the old craft. The brush craft itself in Serbian history was first mentioned in the Middle Ages in the Code of Emperor Dusan in 1354, in which special privileges were given to travelling men who made products using human and animal hair, mainly for court purposes. During the 19th century, the first domestic brush craftsmen appeared in Serbia, making various brushes for the needs of the population and the military industry. They sold their products at markets, fairs and shops. At the end of the last century, the first brush maker guilds established in Serbia as part of leather manufacturing. With the establishment of „JUHOR“ handicraft shop in Paracin, it can be rightly said that in Serbia organized brush production began, both for household and important industries – textile, machine, chemical, wood, construction, mill, brewery, confectionery and others.

Decades of work and experience

Over the years and decades of work, brush shop „JUHOR“ from Paracin has been changing technology, expanding capacities and consequently, enriching its product range. So today brush shop Juhor produces a wide range of brushes in Serbia – all kinds of brushes for household and industry. In addition to basic brush making equipment, JUHOR brush shop also has modern technology based on computer (CNC) machines for wood and plastic processing, cutting , milling and drilling.

Modern technologies and products

Due to this today, brush shop JUHOR responds to a large number of requests for the manufacture of special purpose brushes, according to the pattern or sketch. Also, for many years now, a unique place in the production programe is occupied by unique ECO mats, made for external entrance areas, with a logo or without it. There was a particular interest regarding Roller / Brush Mats for high – frequency passages (megamarkets, hotels, border crossings), all for the purpose of disinfecting the wheels of pallet trucks, forklifts and cars, to prevent transmission and spread of infectious diseases. By keeping pace with the time and increasing attention to the safety of healthy nutrition, JUHOR brush shop also included brushes for food industry, in the production program according to standards (HACCP), as well as Deso barriers with mats , for the disinfection of footwear for worksers in food production.

Tradition – a pledge for the future

Due to its previous work and placement of numerios products, JUHOR brush shop has become a real family factory, which has gained a reputation both domestically and increasingly in the foreign market. That is why further development of this shop is a realistic perspective, first of all by expanding capacities an product innovation, keeping in mind the needs and wishes of consumers. The owner of JUHOR brush shop, Stojan -Jane Stojkovic and his hard -working family, with their experience and tradition of 100 years, guarantee a correct and successful cooperation, and their products are the best recommendation.